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Home About the Blog. You will probably be surprised to learn that: Women receive 17 times as many messages as men on dating services. Generally on a dating service the most attractive men send the most messages. You have probably heard that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. People who upload pictures on their dating profiles upload those which enhance their qualities to make them unique or to enhance their looks.

Of course, doing this makes them look or appear more attractive. Those who post pictures showing them engaging in their hobbies make it easier to spark conversations when they personally meet. When people search for a potential partner online, they are mostly turned off by drinking, political views, smoking, education, racial background, religious views and children. Most online daters are motivated by the fact that they know someone who found love online.

The average courtship time before marriage for those who meet online is shorter than those who know each other in person. Each day, around 3 million dating sites are created globally. The most common reasons of breaking up include: The Chinese are the most online dating sites users. About million people. A survey conducted in the USA states the average online dater age to be However, a different survey showed that almost half of all online daters are between years old.

My guess is that the latter is more close to the truth. There is no way we can claim that online dating is a sausage fest ;! When asked about his thoughts on taking on the iconic role, Hughes responded: Prince Albert died in at the age of When asked whether knowing how this story ends ever affects her performance or how she approaches the character, Coleman admitted that it does. If you haven't heard of the bullet journal , it's the productivity method du jour—one that combines the features of a planner, calendar, to-do list, diary, and more.

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It's not a specific product although the founder of the method, Ryder Carroll, has created a special notebook for it as much as a way of creating a journaling system that works for you. Proponents say the method helps you focus your time and your goals, in part through periodic " migration " sessions that force you to review how you've been spending your days.

And yes, it's popular on Instagram—because many bullet journalers have filled their notebooks with colorful flair. But that part is entirely optional.

5 facts about online dating

While core components of the bullet journal system like monthly spreads and daily logs are great, many bullet journalers like to add other features that fit their own life. After all, the beauty of the method is the customization and flexibility.

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We've rounded up a few ideas for new and not-so-new bullet journalers alike to try. Let's say that, like most people, you have a day job. But at night, you're writing the next Great American Novel—or at least some short stories.

Interesting Facts about Dating

You might get an idea related to one of those projects on your morning commute or while taking a walk in the park at lunch. There's no time to pull out the manuscript, and if you email yourself the idea it might get lost in a jumble of newsletters and other alerts. Instead, just start a new page for the project in your journal, note it in your index, and scribble away. You can come back to it later, and fill in other, non-sequential pages in the journal as the mood strikes.

Your journal probably isn't the best place to write whole stories, but it's perfect if you just had a mini-breakthrough you want to take down, or even as a way to keep track of potential prompts and inspiration. Habit trackers are some of the most popular add-ons to the regular bullet journal time-oriented spreads.

36 Interesting Facts, Tips and Statistics About Online Dating and Relationships

You can make yours cute —tracking the number of glasses of water you drink a day by coloring in a big glass, say—or more minimalist , perhaps by listing the habits you want to build yoga, waking up early on the left next to a chart of days and coloring in the days you manage to do the habit. You can also create a page just to log you often you do one particular thing—drinking alcohol, for example. Some people even use their bullet journals to track food and digestive symptoms, either by creating a section for a food journal or just noting in their daily log when they eat a certain food and how it makes them feel.

You can create a custom spread for your monthly budget, track all your expenses, or just track your purchases in a particular category say, eating out if there's a particular type of spending you're trying to curb. Nothing combines health and finance goals quite like planning your meals. You can make your meal plan a section of your weekly spread: Carroll, the bullet journal's creator, likes to set up a list of meals on the left page of his notebook and a shopping list of ingredients on the right.

Dividing the items by categories like meat, produce, and pantry staples can speed things up at the store, too. It's great to do this at home so you can check the fridge and see what you're missing. Then, when you're done shopping, note how much you spent at the bottom of the list. You can track that to develop insights about your grocery budget.

Online dating statistics and interesting facts | CuteOnly Blog

Over time, you can also create lists to help you with meal planning, perhaps "Favorite Weeknight Dinners," "Easy Work Lunches," etc. Some people also like to create a master grocery list of frequently bought items they can consult whenever they're at the store, just in case they forget to write staples down on their weekly shopping list. In our flurry of to-do lists, project deadlines, and meal plans, it can be easy to forget about the things that brighten our days, whether it's an especially funny joke from a colleague or a milestone in a child's development.

Create a "memories" page don't forget to log it in your index!

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Some bullet journalers like to put pages like this toward the back of their journals to separate them out from the time-oriented spreads. A memories page is also a great opportunity to bust out some thematic artwork. Another great way to encourage better habits is through a reading log.

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Like a memory log, many people like to put this toward the back of their journal, although ultimately the placement is totally up to you. You can keep track of all the books you read this year, perhaps with notes on what you thought of them—a definite resource when you're drawing up those year-end best-of lists to share with other reading pals!